Open Universities in India
Vardhaman Mahaveer Open University (VMOU)


Vardhaman Mahaveer Open University (previously known as Kota Open University, renamed through a Gazette notification by the Government of Rajasthan on 21st September 2002) was established on July 23, 1987 as a part of the Open University network in the country. The New Education Policy adopted by the Parliament in 1986 recognized that the educational opportunities were both inadequate and unequal. It recognized the Open University system as a cost-effective alternative to the present conventional system of higher education. The State Government of Rajasthan took a bold decision by establishing Vardhaman Mahaveer Open University for fulfilling the objectives of the new Policy.

In order to strengthen and achieve better coordination of the vast scattered resources of distance education in the State, the Government of Rajasthan decided to transfer the Institute of Correspondence Studies, Jaipur and Udaipur to Vardhaman Mahaveer Open University alongwith all their assets. The decision was in strict conformity to the National Policy of abandoning correspondence studies by conventional universities where Open University System had already developed to discharge distance education functions.

With the establishment of the Open University in the state and transfer of correspondence studies to it, emerged the problem of providing continuity to students who were pursuing various courses (both Graduate and postgraduate) through the correspondence system in conventional universities. Vardhaman Mahaveer Open University accordingly developed a two-pronged approach to phase out the conventional courses and develop the alternative courses on the basis of the Open System of learning in higher education. To handle the situation. It is remarkable that within a span of less than two years, the University had succeeded in phasing out the old courses and designed the new ones in their place at an unprecedented speed.