Bank Probationary Officer Exams
Bank Probationary Officer
If You Bank with the Banker, then with whom the Banker Bank...

For Young graduates, an attractive offer after college is banking profession. It remains in this most wanted job position for years and it is because it enjoys much respect and prestige in the society. After the extinction of BSRB the only window to enter into this well sought career is Probationary Officers Exams conducted by individual banks. Banks inducts eligible graduates by this exam for training for a probational period of two years. The selected canditates performance during the probation period will decide their position after training. Different Banks recruit probationary officers during different period in the year. Students has to keep on watch about the notifications and should be alert on applying promptly


Current Notifications

In the month of July students got three notifications regarding recruitments for Bank Probationary Officers in the following banks